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Styron Smith reviewed Vagabond BJJ
via Facebook

My first steps into vagabond bjj, first and foremost was welcoming. Second was the humbleness of not just the coaches, but from the students as well. There is literally no egos in vagabond bjj, everyone is humble and there to learn. The coaches and the students are uplifting you in any way they can. Also, there is a home feeling to vagabond bjj, I am so impressed by the coaches that I took my three kids out of taekwondo and enrolled them in vagabond. Vagabond is the place to go for bjj, stop by and let the camaraderie speak for itself.

Morgan Smith reviewed Vagabond BJJ
via Facebook

A welcoming energy and hospitality second to none. Well balanced top tier training. A throw back to what the martial way, and an old school Jiu-Jitsu academy is meant to be. Honored to call it my new training home and family.

Josh Keller reviewed Vagabond BJJ
via Facebook

Vagabond has quickly become my home away from home since I signed up on 12/15/17. I love the friendly atmosphere here among the instructors and students that makes you feel at home from day one. The BJJ instruction for kids and adults, whether beginners or experienced grapplers is top notch. The laid back and friendly atmosphere helps students learn quickly so the training is excellent. In my first month here I lost 30lbs...just from learning and having fun with my friends. You really can't beat that. My wife trains here as well and loves it as much as I do.

I can and do recommend Vagabond to everyone I know. No matter what your goals are this is the place to achieve them in the Permian.

Daniel Powell reviewed Vagabond BJJ
via Facebook

Vagabond has been an amazing experience for my son and I. Don’t be confused Jujitsu is challenging and will push you regardless of your athletic ability, age, or cardio shape but we are all forged in fire. The greatest growth comes from challenging your body, mind, and spirit and in the short time at Vagabond I have experienced that. I look forward to the growth and life lessons I know I will learn.

Jennifer Burdett reviewed Vagabond BJJ
via Facebook

Coaches are awesome, the kids love it and they teach real skills. The kids grow in confidence, discipline, and respect. My son has been going there for about a month and has already had great improvements in his attitude and he’s excited for class days. I highly recommend this great group of folks.

Jerod Masters reviewed Vagabond BJJ
via Facebook

I have been here a few weeks and have been very impressed with everyone. I've trained in several places and with quite a few people. the coaches here are very good and very encouraging. I have yet to meet an ego. Even Prof. Hantz who has taught the 530 a.m. one morning was humble and was very patient and encouraging with me. The higher belts aren't egotistical. Both of my young sons train here now and have been seeing improvement in them since day one. there are at least 4 coaches helping with the children's classes and they spend time with every kid to help and teach each individual kid. I have been very impressed and would definitely recommend this place to any age, sex or skill level. I also love that they have a 530 a.m. class. Often it is the only one I'm able to attend. Love this place so far!

Yvonne Lozoya Tarango reviewed Vagabond BJJ
via Facebook

My 3 year old Son loves going to 'Jitsu'! Vagabond has great coaches and great staff!!

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4 Ways Jiu Jitsu Makes You a Better Man

4 Ways Jiu Jitsu Makes You a Better Man

and how training BJJ in the right place can really change your life!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from different celebrities like Keanu Reeves, Joe Rogan, Jocko Willink, Henry Cavill (Superman), Ariana Grande and Jonah Hill.

These folks, have used BJJ to help them feel stronger, keep themselves accountable on diets, free themselves from the stresses and even to help fight addiction. BJJ is a great way to get into shape and burn a TON of calories while having a great place to hang out. All that’s great, grand and wonderful but, what if you don’t need any of that?

Here’s a couple of ways that training Jiu Jitsu can help you be a better man for yourself, your family and, whatever else you need to man up about.

  • You’ll learn to keep your cool!

Losing your cool doesn’t do ANYONE any good. You look like an ass and you probably hurt someone’s feelings over something that wasn’t worth it. Losing your cool while sparring in Brazilian jiu jitsu is often referred to as “spazzing”. You’re not a spaz cause you blew up on your wife. Or, are you.

You’re reacting. If you’re reacting, you’re behind and no one likes being behind.

Blowing up gets you beat. So, chill the hell out, man. Don’t lose in life because you couldn’t zig instead of zag

There’s something about knowing that you can defend yourself with relative ease against some drunk Shmoe or some overly angry, douche bag dad at your kid’s baseball game that lets you walk with a little swagger.

You’d probably be surprised to know that when you know how to fight you don’t become someone that wants to fight random dudes. It goes back to #1 on this list. You’ll keep your cool while Super Douche, baseball game dad gets higher and higher blood pressure.

This isn’t just great for possible physical interactions, it translates into your job, family and love life. Training hard raises your testosterone, burns calories and MELTS fat off of you. If that doesn’t help your confidence, we need to talk, bro.

  • You’ll meet people that you actually like. 

Man. As a 33 year old, I really have no desire to meet anyone that I already don’t know. You’re probably on that same page.

You gotta go through this whole process of getting to know someone else and be yourself. Really, I already know my wife and kids so, most of the time I feel like I know enough people. When you train, you can’t train alone! You have to meet someone new!

The difference is that you already have something in common. You’re both training jiu jitsu and you’re probably there for similar or, at least, relateable reasons! This makes getting to know someone a lot easier. Plus, you’re part of a team! You will more than likely, help each other achieve the original goals that you came in for!

  • Train the stress away!

There are a TON of stresses that you deal with throughout the day. These can range from your kid not listening to you to some big shake-up at the office. You HAVE to have a place that you can get rid of the stuff that you keep inside!

If you’re training at the right academy, you’ll more than likely feel that worry wash away as you tie your belt and step on to the mat to train for the evening. You MUST focus on what is happening while training. If your mind is wandering while you’re rolling/sparring, chances are HIGH that you will not do well in that round of action. Jiu Jitsu forces you to pay attention to what is front of you.

Otherwise, you run the risk of getting choked out. Even when that happens, you aren’t thinking about what was originally stressing you out.

There are so many more benefits!

We have men that have lost over 100 lbs while training with us at Vagabond Martial Arts.
Some have seen amazing changes in their blood pressure and heart health!
Others that have used Jiu Jitsu to manage the stress of a divorce.
We even have some managing anxiety or depression!

There’s a ton of reasons you should probably be training. I urge you to do so! Be a better man for yourself. For your wife and kids. For your job!

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